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Quartz Powder

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  Content : SiO2 >98%
  Packaging: 25Kg plastic /PP bag or as customer’s requirment.
  Main usage:
  Quartz Powder is important raw materials of industrial mineral, used extensively in
  such as glass, pottery and refractory material, metallurgy, architecture, chemical
  industry, plastics, rubber, abradant material and so on.

  Glass: Plate glass, float glass, glass products (Glass tube, glass bottle, glass pot) optical glass, glass fibre, glass instrument, conductive glass, glass cloth and the special glass of defending radial, ect.

Ceramic: The main pottery porcelain and refractory fire material; Embryo material and frit of the porcelain, the cellar stove uses the raw materials such as high silica brick, ordinary silica brick and carborundum, etc.

Metallurgy: The raw materials, additives or flux of silicon metal, silicon ferroalloy and silicon aluminium alloy,etc.

Building: Concrete, glue congeal material, build the road material, artificial marble, examining materials of cement physical performance (i.e. cement standard sand),etc.

Chemical industry: Raw materials of silicon compound and water glass,etc., the filler in the sulfuric acid tower, amorphism silicon dioxide and tiny powder.

Machinery: The main raw materials of foundry molding sand, grind materials (gush out the sand, grind the paper, abrasive paper, emery cloth etc.).

Electron: Metal silicon of high strength, use the optic fibre in communication,etc..

Rubber& plastics: can improve the wearability.

Coating: Filler (but improvement coating is weatherable).