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Glass Powder

Glass Powder

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Glass Powder is a new and developing synthetic inorganic filler. It is a kind of inorganic powder produced by several non-metallic raw material according to special proportion through mixed material, fusion, refrigeration, coarse crushing, powdered and classfication. It is brittleness and rigidity, non-marking, good resistance to chemicals, have high refraction index and fine whiteness. Brand of Xinghai Glass Powder have full sizes, bulk density of small, smooth surface, easy disperse. Widely used in Fireproof coating, Decorative coating, Road marking paints, Engineering plastics, Rubber products. etc.

Physical Data: 

SiO2 Al2O3 MgO Fe2O3 K2O+Na2O CaO Oil Absorption
72.0 0.8 2.5 0.6 14.1 10.0 28±2.5