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Soda Feldspar

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Soda Feldspar is generally a clean white mineral that sources sodium, alumina and silica along with some potassium and calcium.
Chemical Composition:

SiO2 Al2O3 Na2O K2O CaO TiO2 Fe2O3 Loss
68.31 18.06 9.5-10 2.40 0.56 0.16 0.09 0.56
   Soda feldspar is distinguished for the use in sanitary and porcelain tile bodies. It is used as a flux in ceramics manufacturing, especially for the production of porcelain stoneware, sanitary pottery and glazes. A good deal of the final characteristics of the various ceramic products depends on the type and quality of the feldspar used. Depending on the percentage used, the firing process and the composition of the other components, albeit favors the solubilization of the raw materials creating a liquid phase around the solid particles.

Mesh size: 200, 325, 400, 600, 800,1250, 2500,etc