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Diatom Ooze
Product Introduction
"Diatom" is the vegetable plankton of the one kind of algae and becomes accumulative rock via sediment in the ocean or lake. It can be found all over the planet, from Antarctic glaciers to brick walls.
As we know, people will spend 70 to 90 percent of their lives in the room; if there are too much hazardous materials in the room, people will probably get various diseases.
The Oexing Diatomite Wall is able to absorb and decompose hazardous materials such as formaldehyde and toluene in the air completely and effectively, which makes you live a really healthy and free life.

Product Name Package Added Water Thickness of Veneer Recommended dosage
Diatom Ooze 110 12.5Kg/Bag About 6.5L 2mm About 15 m2/Bag
Diatom Ooze 160 20Kg/Bag About 5.3L 2.5mm About 10 m2/Bag
Diatom Ooze 180 20Kg/Bag About 5.3L 2.5mm About 10 m2/Bag
Product Performance
Zero VOCs,
Never-fading inorganic pigments
Humidity control
Absorption of air-borne contaminants
Construction Methods
Add 90% water into mixing container, and slowly pour Diatom Ooze dry powder into the water and stir for 10 minutes, next mixing it thoroughly with electric mixer meanwhile added the 10% left water for adjusting viscosity. In order for better mix effect, leave them for 10 minutes before use.
Construction twice, firstly, daubed diatom ooze for lower coating, thickness: 1mm; Secondly, after lower coating basic drying, daubed diatom ooze for upper coating, thickness: 1.5mm, meanwhile, design and make texture pattern.
Basement should be prior treated, first cleaning, then oiling or daubing to the base surface.
Construction Requirements
The wall surface shall be dry and flat. New wall shall remove dust, loose mortar, grease etc. Imperfection require filling to keep surface clean and dry. Prior to repainting, all surface contamination such as loose paint, dust and impurities must be removed to assure wall clean and flat.
This product is not water-resistant material, it can not be used for rainy outdoor decoration.
It should be not construction when the temperature is below 5℃.
Storage & transportation:
Waterproof and dampproof, store in a cool, dry, well-ventiladed place.
Shelf life: 12 months