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Color Sand

Colour Sand

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Product: Colour Sand

Type: natural color, permanent color coated, temporary color coated
Permanent color coated (PCC) sand: live color, acid-alkali resistant, URL resistant, color never faded
colouedr sand: produced from crushed natural stone, color never fade, but a little more content of impurities.
Temporary color coated (TCC) sand: color live, while color is ease to fade.
Decorative coloured sand: selectively produced, no content of paintings, nontoxic, odorless, no pollutant, corrosion resistant, acid-alkali resistant, color stable etc, used in decoration of house and buildings.

Color: White Series, Black Series, Red Series, Yellow Series, Green Series.


1)8-12mesh, 12-20mesh, 20-30mesh, 20-40mesh, 30- 60mesh, 60grit, 80grit, 120grit,

2)0.3-0.8mm, 0.8-1.2mm, 1.18-3.35mm.

Our coloured sands are used for water-proof roll material, painting of epoxy floor, stone like coating, building painting, the manufacture of marble, architectural decoration, floor tile, decorative ceramic tiles and sanitary ware and so on.

Packing: 25kg, 50kg pp bag