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Color Sand

Color Sand-White series

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Main Colors:  Snow white, Whitemarble, Grass-white .
Production&properties: Our natural color sand is manufactured after concentrating and processing.It is without any dye, non-toxic,odourless,nondiscoloring, pollution-free and anti-corrosion.
Mesh size: 10-20, 20-40, 40-80, 80-120,etc.

Usage: mainly used in building finishing, water grindstone aggregate, stone-like coatings, color sand paint, epoxy flooring and so on. color sand used in marble, floor tile, ceramic tile and sanitary ware have so many virtues as lustrous, smooth, solid and abrasion-resistant . Filled in Inner and Out-side Building Walls paint and rilievo could be anti-friction, waterproof, nontoxic, have excellent bond strength and bright color.