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Anion Powder

Anion Ball

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Anion activation ball by adding nano materials,its main application in water treatment, water purification mineralization,etc.This product not only has the medical stoneantibacterial ball, far infrared activation mineralization ball and so on the function, also can make the water quality mineralization, activation, purification, sterilization, consecrated themselves. Long-term drinking nano micro ecology ball purification mineralization water, can reasonable absorb the human body needs many kinds of trace elements, and slow down the ageing of the cells, activate T cell growth,, regulating the body blood fat, improve the body circulation, reduce hemal wall fat deposition, enhance the immune system, beneficial to health. Especially for high blood pressure, high blood fat, coronary heart disease, diabetes, hepatitis, digestive system diseases have very good recuperation effect.


Items Technology Guideline
Apperance White or light gray particles
Solid content ≥99.9%
size Different particle size
Density 1.9g/ml
Release (point to point) ≥20000个/㎝3
Main ingredients tourmaline

Abrasion, compression strength, release large

water purification, bubble bath, wash feet, beauty.