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Sodium/Calcium Bentonite

Product Detail

Name of product: Bentonite 
Color: light yellow/gray/white
Advantage of Yaxin Bentonite:
1. ISO: 9001: 2008 Certificate
2. Quality higher than Standard API/OCMA
3. Good suspension property
4. Good thixotropic property,
5. Small filtrating lost,
6. Good modeling property,
7. Easy to mix and reach maximum viscosity quickly
8. And they are warmly approved by all customers as the essential and ideal basic material especially for deep well and offshore well drilling projects.


Different usage will use different specs,we can do as your request,as belows is for your reference.


organic amine derivative of montmorillonite
Appearance (free-flowing powder)
:light white
Moisture content ( @ 105°C, 2hr ) %
Granularity ( <76um or 200mesh ) , %
Viscosity (7% xylene gel, 25°C) , Pa.s :≥2.5

Viscosity (5% 200# gel, 25°C) Pa.s:≥2.5

Loss on ignition ( @850-900 °C ) %:≤40


Product Pictures

Xing Hai Gao Ke Raw/Expanded Vermiculite,Sodium/Calcium Bentonite,Nature/Precipitated Barium Sul,Washed/Calcined Kaolin,Mica Powder/Flakes,Tourmaline Powder,Quartz Sand/Powder,Color Sand,Potash/Sodium Feldspar